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Kanetix SaaS is the leading provider of Web Quoting Solutions to Canada's largest and most respected insurance companies. Leveraging our extensive experience and deep knowledge of insurance and technology best practices, we work with Direct Writers, Broker-based Carriers and Brokers. We deliver quoting solutions across all touch points, including desktop, mobile and tablets.

We Stay Ahead
of the Curve

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About Us

What We Provide

Kanetix SaaS, part of the Kanetix Ltd. family, has been providing online insurance solutions to direct writers, broker-based carriers and brokers since 1999. We deliver both consumer-facing solutions as well as internal products for underwriters, actuaries and agents.

How We Deliver

We deliver over 100 projects each year, on time and on budget. Our extensive experience in developing online quoting solutions gives us insights into industry best practices and allows us to stay ahead of market trends.

Why We
Stay Ahead

As a leading insurance SaaS provider we leverage deep industry experience to deliver best-in-class, portable, online solutions with rapid return on investment. Our services harness the web to create cost effective, high-converting solutions that create and enhance revenue channels for our partners.

We Partner with
Carriers & Brokers

Looking to build or roll out an online strategy
Exploring opportunities for improving results of an existing solution
Leveraging our solutions for geographic expansion across Canada

Kanetix SaaS delivers rapid time-to-market, low risk, cost effective solutions, based on experience and insights for Home & Auto, Life & Health and Commercial Auto and Property.

Our Products

Our Solutions.
Your Success.

Seven Reasons why Kanetix SaaS is the best solution provider to establish or grow your online business

  1. Leverage industry-leading technology solutions based on proven performance and rigorous testing
  2. Fully-customized partner branded solutions with target marketing
  3. Robust reporting and web analytics to help partners maximize their digital marketing spend
  4. Reaching consumers on all platforms. Our responsive design approach ensures one code base is optimized for desktops, tablets, mini tablets and smartphones
  5. Third party and back-end integration to make for better customer experience and more cost effective solution for partners
  6. Wide range of offerings to suit the needs of partners, combined with our consultative approach ensuring we build exactly what our partners require
  7. Insurance industry expertise combined with web design consultation to deliver winning solutions

Our Ideal Partner

  • New to online quoting and looking to establish a presence.
  • Improve an existing online customer presence.
  • Replace an underperforming existing online solution.

Carrier Solutions

No two Kanetix SaaS solutions are the same.

We develop customized products for our Carrier Partners ensuring a high converting user experience.

Our Approach

  • Use a consultative approach to determine specifications
  • Generate solutions that meet our Partner's objectives
  • Seamlessly integrate solutions into current systems and platforms
  • Monitor results and make recommendations for ongoing improvements
  • Target market

Broker Solutions

At Kanetix SaaS, we view our solutions as the watering can to your online greenspace. Helping it live. Helping it grow. Helping it thrive. Our packages cover everything from basic needs to bundles that will elevate your online business.

We understand the challenges Brokers face today establishing a customized online consumer presence in a highly competitive market.

We build solutions focused exclusively on helping Brokers compete in the online competitive landscape.

  • High Converting Quoter
  • No Vendor Branding
  • Reporting & Web Analytics
  • Ability to quote Group Business
  • Seamless Integration for Rating and Upload
  • Fully Hosted and Managed
  • Responsive Design for Mobile Devices
  • Leverage Kanetix Insights & Best Practices
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The Kanetix SaaS Equation

Leverage existing
insurance assets
Exceeding partner expectations
Rapid time to market solutions

Support & Maintenance

An online solution is an extension of a partner's brand that enhances its corporate identity. It must be available 24/7/365. We proactively monitor partner sites to ensure software patches are applied; hardware and disk maintenance is performed, and networking configuration and performance tuning is up-to-date. We also build redundancy throughout the process. The end result is that we meet required uptime metrics; but more importantly we deliver peace of mind to our Insurance Partners.


Our Partners Online

A Kanetix SaaS online quoter seamlessly blends into a Partner's website, is consistent in every way with a Partner's brand and is not co-branded with Kanetix; hence, consumers are unaware they're leaving a partner site and coming to a Kanetix hosted application. Due to the nature of this business model, many of our partners prefer not to be listed. Currently, Kanetix SaaS is actively working with 20 plus partners to build and enhance their online quoting businesses. Our partner list includes direct writers, broker and agent based insurance companies in the property and casualty (P&C) and life and health (L&H) verticals, and brokers in the P&C vertical.



As a company that distributes its products exclusively through brokers, providing consumer facing tools online was unfamiliar territory. Kanetix provides the consumer facing expertise to ensure SGI CANADA and its broker partners have an online presence to attract and retain customers that may otherwise have opted for the convenience provided by direct writers.

The pace of change also brings resource challenges. Outsourcing projects to Kanetix allows us to capitalize on their experience, and to deliver online services to consumers much more quickly than building them internally..

Penny McCune
Vice President
Customer and Marketing Strategy

The Co-operators

Kanetix is a brilliant partner. The unique insights they bring to the table, combined with their rock solid knowledge of the insurance landscape makes working with them easy. Their ongoing commitment to move heaven and earth to give me the best quoting tools possible doesn't hurt either.

Timothy Somerville
Director, Web Marketing

Mass Insurance / Easyway Insurance

Kanetix SaaS understood our needs and deployed solutions on time, on budget.

When looking for online quoting solutions, we realized that the standard products offered in the marketplace weren't capable of providing the customization and client experience that we were looking for. With Kanetix SaaS, we quickly defined our requirements and processes, deploying a unique quote solution that fit our needs, in a cost-effective and rapid manner.

Their consultative, high-touch approach makes them industry leaders in this space.

Malek Smith
Director of Sales & Marketing

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